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1. We have more than 45 years of experience.

There is no substitute for experience, and Harris & Tucker School has invested over four decades in fine-tuning the formula for success as a preschool and childcare center. We’re here to stay, with programs that are time-tested.

2. Our preschool graduates are better prepared for school.

Through play our curriculum is focused on maximizing your child’s academic potential. While other preschools introduce the alphabet, our young graduates are reading!

3. Low turnover rate ensures consistency.

We’ve learned that continuity is key to comfort, security, and growth. Because we carefully screen our teacher and childcare applicants and offer a gratifying workplace, we maintain less than a 5% turnover rate.

4. A Child’s Academy is Christian-based.

We promote strong moral values.

5. The facilities are spacious—indoors and out.

With more than 1 acres and two spacious school buildings we provide ample room for learning and play. We have the space to separate children by age, ensuring age-appropriate activities and toys. We also feature a parent resource center where parents can have access to the computers, fax machine and copy machine.

6. Our staff is skilled, trained, and loving.

The greatest asset of any child-centered group is its people, and we are proud of our exceptional team! We have taken special care to screen applicants, ensuring that they meet our high standards for teaching and caring for young children. In addition to being warm and compassionate, our staff is certified in both CPR and first aid. While the state requires only one staff person with such training, we think the health and safety of your child demands that everyone here knows first aid and CPR.

7. Cleanliness is a priority.

Our center is cleaned daily, and changing tables are disinfected after each diaper change. Toys are regularly replaced and maintained, we also adhere to a strict regimen for hand-washing, food preparation, and restroom protocol.

8. All children engage in stimulating activities.

Infants, toddlers, and preschoolers have different needs and interests. We foster those specific requirements by grouping them separately and developing the types of activities (indoors and outdoors) that are stimulating, fun, and safe.

9. We welcome parental involvement.

Parents and families are an integral part of Harris and Tucker. You can feel free to drop by at any time. If you want to see what your child is doing, you can either visit the play area or classroom, or watch a monitor in our office to see uninterrupted activity. We also sponsor family-centered activities on our campus throughout the year, like luncheons, parties, and historical celebrations.

10. You get steady, open communication.

Do you wonder what you’re missing by not spending every day with your child? We’ll provide you with daily sheets, reports, and or lesson plans using life cubby. Life cubby allows for parent engagement and it safe and secure. You will always be “in the loop” here!

11. All of these benefits come at a competitive tuition rate.

You and your child can enjoy all the benefits outlined here without paying more than at comparable preschools and childcare centers. In some cases, our fees are actually lower than their!

12. Parent Resource Lab.

In our Parent Resource Lab our parents have access to fax machine, computers, copy machine and wifi. Tea, Postum, Roma and snacks are always available.

13. If you’re not completely satisfied, we’ll refund your money.

No other preschool or childcare center in Greater New Haven offers this guarantee. But because we are confident of our quality, our 45 plus years of experience and because we built our reputation on only happy families, we will refund your last week of fees if you’re not completely satisfied in your first 30 days here at Harris and Tucker.

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