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What is the difference between a daycare and preschool?
A daycare or childcare center is designed to provide safe care for your child, while a preschool is intended to stimulate learning, creativity, and essential skill development to prepare your child for the classroom experience. Age is also a factor in the classification. Harris and Tucker is structured like a daycare for our toddlers and one’s, working on social skills and cognitive skills. Our 2 year old class is a hybrid of daycare and preschool and our 3 and 4 year old classes are designed like a preschool with our focus on kindergarten readiness. The foundation we create for our preschoolers has allowed our students to have a great first start when entering into their kindergarten classroom.

How do I determine which school will be best to educate my child and prepare him/her for kindergarten?
You first need to understand your goals for your child’s education. You should then visit several preschools to view the interactions and meet with staff in person. Look for a school that has been in business for a while to ensure both its stability and educational experience. You should also ask to speak with parents of current students. To help parents with this difficult decision, we have prepared a guide that outlines the questions you should be asking.

At what age should my child enroll in preschool?
Most children begin preschool at the age of three, but ultimately, the best answer is based on your child’s readiness, which an educator you trust or we can help to determine.

How long has Harris and Tucker Preschool been in business?
Harris and Tucker Preschool opened in May1970.

What is your educational philosophy?
Our goal is to provide a loving, happy place for young children to learn, grow and play as we bridge the gap from home to school, in a Christian-based environment. Our staff supports a positive self-image in each child while building social skills.

What days and hours are you open?
Our regular operating hours are 6:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 6:30am - 4:00pm on Friday. Children are dropped off in the morning between 6:30 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. and can be picked up any time before 6 p.m. We operate year-round, weather permitting. We close for regular Federal holidays, Professional Development training, Christmas day and the day after, New Year’s Day and the day after. Operating hours are slightly shortened on days proceeding the Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year day. Dates subject to change.

Can children attend part time?
Yes, but experience has taught us that regular participation produces much better results for children. They benefit and take comfort from the consistency of daily routines, acquire skills more effectively and don't feel "left out" of off-day activities. We do offer a part-time program with limited slots.

How many children are there for each adult?
Under 3 years of age: 1:4,
3-5 years of age: 1-10

What items do I need to provide for my child?
Toddlers in the preschool program: diapers if not potty trained, wipes change of clothes, including underwear if trained or training, comfort object (i.e. pacifier, blanket, etc.), and lunch 3 and older: change of clothes and lunch

Do any of the teachers have their first aid/CPR certification?
All of our staff is required to obtain their First Aid/CPR certification

What qualifications do your teachers have?
Each of our classes is directed by a Lead Teacher who has had formal training in Child Development/Early Childhood and many years of successful experience. Our staff is always embarking upon the latest in educational progress. Most of our Leads have a Bachelor's degree or are currently working on it. Assistant Teachers work with and under the supervision of a Lead Teacher and have experience in early childhood education. Assistant teachers have no less than a Child Development Associate credential (CDA) or are currently working on it.

Is the staff background screened?
Yes. It is a requirement by the Department of Public Health and Department of Children & Families.

How do parents participate in your program?
All parents are encouraged to participate in one of four parent committees within the preschool: Cleaning Bee, Special Events/Fundraising, Field trip committee and Hiring committee. Parents are also encouraged to take part in our family reading program. The Parent Committees program mission is to develop a strong relationship with the Center and help enrich the program through parents' contributions. Parent Volunteer Opportunities provide opportunities for parents to become more involved in the school.

What are your rooms like?
Our rooms are spacious and well equipped. The rooms are generally set up in learning/activity centers including such areas as Home Living, Library, Art, Science, Sensory Table, Manipulative/Blocks, Technology and a Preschool Culinary Arts Center. Equipment, supplies and room decoration are chosen to complement the Unit Theme of the week, reinforcing developmental goals. Room content changes regularly, presenting children with new opportunities for exploration and a change of pace.

Can I come for a tour?
YES! Visitors are always welcome; however, for an uninterrupted tour, we suggest you schedule a tour. This will allow you to better view the Center in operations

What is your staff turnover rate?
5%. Our turnover rate is lower than the average because we create a positive environment not only for our children, but also for our staff.

What types of activities do you offer for infants and toddlers?

We provide age-appropriate activities, both indoors and outdoors, to stimulate the minds of infants and toddlers, and to promote motor and social skill development.

What will my child be learning in your preschool?
Through play we introduce the fundamentals of Arithmetic, Art, Reading, Music, and Science, as well as enrichment programs for Computers, and Spanish, in a Christian-based environment.

How often do you clean the rooms and toys?
All of our facilities are cleaned at least once a day the changing tables are disinfected after each diaper change.

What is your policy regarding sick children?
In order to keep our children and their families, and our staff, as healthy as possible, we require that any child with a fever, vomiting, diarrhea, or contagious disease be kept at home.

Do you video monitor classrooms?
We have a video monitor in every classroom so that we see all activities, and parents can view their children from our office without interrupting the classroom. While some facilities provide online access to video monitoring, we strictly prohibit this practice because it is not secure. Some states have recognized the potential threat from hackers and predators, and enacted legislation to prevent online video monitoring. We believe this step is a necessary measure.

What if someone other than my spouse/partner or me has to pick up my child?
In order to protect your child, we require that you provide the names of any individual who has permission to pick up your child. We require advance notice from you when someone other than a family member will be picking up your child and will check identification. If we have any questions or concerns, we ask that you are available via cell phone to provide confirmation.

What security measures are in place to protect my child?
Your child’s safety and your peace of mind are of the utmost concern at Harris and Tucker School. Our entire facility is fenced in and the outside entrance is monitored throughout the day. All visitors must register, and we also maintain video monitoring in every classroom and playground.

What are your rates?
We do not post our rates but are happy to email you. Please contact us and let us know the program you are interested in.

Do you have a money back guarantee?
Absolutely, we believe you and your child will love Harris and Tucker School so much that we are willing to offer a money back guarantee. If you are disappointed in our care for any reason and wish to leave within the first 30 days, we will refund you last week tuition.


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