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Your child will flourish in an environment filled with child initiated activities that balance play and discovery by teacher direction and instruction. Preschoolers are guided in making an important transition from individual play and learning to group play and learning. Creative activities encourage self-expression through movement, art activities and dramatic play.

Harris and Tucker’s preschool learning program and curriculum are designed to enhance the cognitive, gross motor, fine motor, social, emotional, speech and language development of each child by providing engaging lessons and activities taught by experienced and qualified teachers. In our literacy rich environment,students begin to see letter formation as they start writing words including their own name (which will be a new and exciting achievement).

Each day teachers plan guided activities for the children that will help prepare them for their next educational endeavor. Children are also encouraged to explore and learn through art projects, blocks, puzzles, computers, technology, sensory play while developing an interest in the world around them.

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Harris & Tucker School
Sample Preschool Schedule Year-Round

6:30-9:15: Open Choice/AM Snack

9:15-9:45: Morning Exercise/Devotion/Morning Circle

9:45-10:45: Gross Motor Activities (Outdoors weather permitting)

10:45-11:30: Water Break/Small Group Learning Experiences

11:30-12:00: Music & Movement/Morning Meeting

12:00: Lunch Time/Story/Bathroom

12:45-3:00: Rest time

3:00-3:45: Restrooms/PM Snack/Story-Time

3:45-5:15: Gross Motor (Indoor/Outdoor/ Free Choice)

5:15-6:00: Table games, Puzzles, manipulative, art, Transition to home

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