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Kids TV Summer Academy is a career awareness program that has become a creative center for actor, videomakers, photographers, performers, writers, designers and digital artists. Each year Kids TV Summer Academy provides children age’s 6-12 wonderful opportunities in the world of Communications, Media Arts and Entertainment, which allows them to advance their skills and talents, elevate their lives, and have fun and enjoyment!

Kids TV Summer Academy 2015 Weekly Themes and sports

When I grow up I want to be…

Week # 1: June 22-June 26
Hollywood Engineer I will experiment light, sound effect. Students will learn how light and sound effects are made. Students will also get the opportunity to create their own effects. * Board games

Week # 2: June 29 –July 2
A Hair, Costuming & Make-Up Designer I will experiment with different types of hair and costumes from different cultures in a variety of colors to guide my imagination. * Volleyball & Wallyball

Week # 3: July 6-July 10
Video Producer So I can learn about putting pictures together to tell a story. I will also learn how to follow directions while using the camera. * Badminton

Week # 4: July 13-July 17
Newscaster I will experiment with asking questions and listening. * Vacation Bible School * Tennis

Week # 5: July 20 – July 24
Dancer & Choreographer So I can learn timing, movement, patterns and working independently as well as working as a team. * Bikes, Trikes, Scooters, Roller Blades and Skates.

Week # 6 July 27- July 31
Actor in TV Commercials I will explore various types of scripts and memorizations skills for different types of commercials such as: musical commercials, self-expression and product commercials. * Baseball & T-ball

Week # 7 August 3-August 7
DJ Using DJ equipment, I will experiment with everyday kid friendly music to guide my musical imagination. * Board games & Tournaments

Week # 8 August 10- August 14
Hollywood Chef to the Stars I will be able to learn how to cook and bake with healthy inventive food combination and test out new non-meat items. * Sports & Games Festival

Week # 9 August 17- August 21
Hollywood Celebrity I will Experience Hollywood, California’s History of making movies, museums, and colleges. This Hollywood experience will be highlighted with student video journals to be used in local TV Show. * Theme Parks

Week # 10 August 24- August 26
Hollywood Editor

Students will learn the basics of editing their Hollywood journals. Students will learn how to log shots, add effects and titles and complete for viewing. * Free choice of games and sports


Click below to see a sample of Summery Camp Daily Routine

Schedules subject to change without notice.


Sample Daily Schedule

  • 6:30: Media Tech Lab
  • 8:00: Breakfast/Open Choice (upper level)
  • 9:00: Devotion/Morning Meeting
  • 9:45: Production/Career Lab
  • 12:00 Table Games/Computers
  • 12:30: Lunch & Open Play
  • 1:30: Commercial Breaks or Swimming
  • 3:00: Snack
  • 3:30: Production Practice/Media Tech Lab
  • 4:30: Sports, Team Games, Art
  • 5:45: Clean-up
  • 6:00: End of Day

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