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Why Us?

Finding the right childcare solution is not an easy thing to do. There is no one size fits all. Since 1970 Harris and Tucker has provided their community with service that is second to none. We know that we have an advantage over other preschool options that’s why we have provided you with a comparison chart and checklist that outlines why Harris and Tucker is the best at what they do.

Parents Family Nannies Other Childcares Harris & Tucker
Breakfast X X X X X
Snacks X X X X X
Nap Time X X X X X
Love X X X X X
Socializing X X X X X
Security Camera Rarely X
Dual Languages Sometimes Sometimes Sometimes Rarely X
Before & After School Sometimes X
Homework Club Rarely X
Preschool Culinary Arts Program X
Media Technology Sometimes Sometimes X
Development Standards Sometimes X
Devotion Sometimes X
Spacious Playground Sometimes X
Family Events Sometimes X
Extra-Crricular Activities Sometimes Sometimes X
Comprehensive Daily Sheets Rarely Sometimes X
Parent Resource Lab Sometimes X

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